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the dUMMY out now.....
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don't miss the gig at chamäleon/ berlin on july 5th
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25/7 Score
reecode the 25/7 scores

01 catchin' the dawn
02 white wind
03 shine on
04 a place for all
05 not alone
06 spreepiraten
07 bad rabbit trippin'
08 ready to riot
09 beyond the river
10 fin alley
11 25/7 mode (feat. soil ain't solid)

the score to the motion picture
"bar 25 - days out of time"
reeltimed soon...
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25/7 Score
reecode the dummy show

01 am i a dummy
02 in control
03 working at the dummy lab
04 swirlin'
05 ain't touch the ground
06 goin' vertical
07 beautiful burnout
08 odra
09 one day i will fly
10 exactly anywhere
11 locked in
12 strangers to ourselves
13 paper love
14 gravity grace

the music from "dUMMY - the show"
directed by eike v. stuckenbrok / markus pabst
a base berlin production in co-op with
gop entertainmentgroup
reeltimed 2012/12/20
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sun/ 2015/07/05/ chamäleon/ berlin/ germany

sat/ 2013/02/02/ kater holzig/ berlin/ germany

thu/ 2012/11/08/ 25hours hotel/ zurich/ switzerland

sat/ 2011/06/04/ wilde renate/ berlin/ germany
fri/ 2011/04/08/ vooruit/ gent/ belgium
sat/ 2011/02/12/ radialsystem v/ berlin/ germany
sat/ 2011/01/29/ discothèque nouveau rabumms/ berlin/ germany

mon/ 2010/10/25/ brandshof/ hamburg/ germany
mon/ 2010/09/13/ bar 25/ berlin/ germany
sun/ 2010/08/07/ goldmund/ biesenthal/ germany
sun/ 2010/06/27/ fusion/ laerz/ germany

dummy lab
thu/ 2015/02/26 - 2015/08/09/ chamäleon/ berlin/ germany

dummy show
sun/ 2015/05/03/ flint theater/ amersfoort/ netherlands
fri/ 2015/05/01/ schouwburg tilburg/ tilburg/ netherlands
thu/ 2015/04/30/ schouwburg tilburg/ tilburg/ netherlands
wed/ 2015/04/29/ de kom stadstheater en kunstcentrum/ nieuwegein/ netherlands
sun/ 2015/04/26/ theater de maaspoort/ venlo/ netherlands
sat/ 2015/04/25/ schouwburg arnhem/ arnhem/ netherlands
fri/ 2015/04/24/ parktheater eindhoven/ eindhoven/ netherlands
thu/ 2015/04/23/ taqa theater de vest/ alkmaar/ netherlands
wed/ 2015/04/22/ stadsschouwburg nijmegen/ nijmegen/ netherlands
fri/ 2015/04/17/ schouwburg agnietenhof/ tiel/ netherlands
thu/ 2015/04/16/ theater de blauwe kei/ veghel/ netherlands
wed/ 2015/04/15/ deventer schouwburg/ deventer/ netherlands
tue/ 2015/04/14/ zaantheater/ zaandam/ netherlands

thu/ 2013/02/21 - 2013/07/21/ chamäleon/ berlin/ germany
fri/ 2012/11/23 - 2013/01/20/ orangerie hannover-herrenhausen/ hanover/ germany
fri/ 2012/09/07 - 2012/11/04/ georgspalast/ essen/ germany
thu/ 2012/03/01 - 2012/05/06/ georgspalast/ bad oeynhausen/ germany

fri/ 2011/09/07 - 2011/11/06/ georgspalast/ munich/ germany
fri/ 2011/07/15 - 2011/09/04/ georgspalast/ muenster/ germany


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